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Real Property Management Rio Grande Referral Program


We pay referral fees to Licensed Brokers for new Property Management Clients looking to rent out their home. If you can’t sell it now, rent it out for a year, get the referral fee and you can still sell it in the future. If you know of people struggling to manage their own rental home let us help. We don’t do sales so you get all the sales leads

We are paying $550 for each new client referral through the end of August 2021. Refer NOW

Most of our owners are looking to sell eventually

Most of our tenants are looking to buy eventually.

We don’t do sales so we refer all of these to you.

We will also buy existing management agreements. Let us manage the property, you can focus on Home Sales (we only do property management, no sales…when they want to sell, we refer them back to you). If you have multiple management agreements, let us know.

Contact Mark Webb at 505-292-4765  for more info on how to start earning referral money today

Real Property Management Rio Grande

2111 Wyoming Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM, 87112