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How to Deal with Tenants Not Paying Rent During Covid

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*** Legal, Eviction, and Covid Issues ***


During this unprecendented time, we have multiple issues in property management. One of them is when tenants don’t pay rent.  We need to protect our owners while understanding issues with tenants.

How do we currently do this?

Tenant supportive actions

  1. We work with tenants who have not paid rent to get an agreed payment plan on when they can make payments. If they are waiting for new job or unemployment, this often works
  2. We provide resources for tenants to get government assistance and we fill out needed paperwork
  3. We offer tenants the option to drop of keys and we will not file for collections if they know they will not be able to afford property. This protect their credit and ability to rent in the future.

If tenants do not work with us or tenants don’t make payments as agreed, we take actions to protect owners

  1. We send a 3 day notice to tenant. Again they are allowed to drop off keys and leave, no questions asked.
  2. We will file for a judgment in court on the amount owed. This creates a legal record of amount owed and adds priority to getting paid.
  3. In general, we do not evict for non payment of rent during the state of emergency. People are confused as to what the term “eviction” means in legal judgements. We typically do not physically remove people from the home due to non-payment of rent.
  4. We work with mediation to find a agreement on paying rent over time


We have addition processes we can provide to owners on how to deal with tenants who never pay rent and refuse to leave for months causing severe financial hardship for the owners. Call for more information. 505-292-4765

These actions meet both Tenant and Owner needs. We have found that most people who are truly impacted by COVID Job loss work with us in a positive manor and we come to an agreement. Some people choose not to pay rent with no impact from COVID and the laws deal with those issues as well.

The laws change weekly and court decisions also change. We are experts in knowing what they courts are doing and how best to support owners and tenants in this time of uncertainty.

It is always best to have a professional property manager for your rental home. In this time of legal changes, restrictions, and court decisions, it is IMPERATIVE that a prefessional manage your home to deal with all of the complexity

Real Property Management Rio Grande


We are pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the Nation. See Equal Housing Opportunity Statement for more information.